In Solidarity With Kurdish Fighters: Report Back from Rojava

Friday, January 15th at 7pm

38 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 0C4

After the fall of the Syrian Government and in the midst of the current crisis unfolding there, the Kurdish “peoples protection units” of the YPG and YPJ have emerged as the most powerful ground force in the fight against ISIS. Not merely another fighting force to be used as pawns by the west, they have been setting up regions free from domination by capitalism and state authority; attempting to put to rest feuds and bad blood between different religious and ethnic groups, challenging patriarchal domination over women, relating communally to the land, and attempting to find better ways to relate to the eco-systems of the earth.

An anarchist author from California will share their experiences and observations from a recent trip to the region known as Rojava, and what kind of inspiration this can bring to anarchists and all others who desire a free life.


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