Updated About: What is 38 blood alley?!?

38 Blood Alley is an anarchist social space located in Blood Alley on Occupied Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver).  Our goal is to enhance the anarchist struggle though events, discussions, critiques, literature, and fundraisers.  Anyone is welcome to attend our events but being an asshole or a cop is never welcomed. We are open during events and every Tuesday from 4pm-7pm.

For over a year now we have had dozens of events from movie nights to prisoner benefits to dance parties and reading discussions.  We encourage people to host events that would suit our space or to come check it out. Anyone can have an events as long as it falls around anarchist lines e.g does not promote dialogue and reform with the state. We are also always looking for more people to hang out and potentially join our collective.


Open during events and Tuesdays 4pm-7pm


Our space has zine library with dozens of titles ranging from anarchism to queer insurrection and is constantly being updated. We hope to have over 100 titles by early 2015.

email us at: 38bloodalley@riseup.net for more info or come by during an event


Accessibility Info: The venue is situated on the south side of Blood Alley Square. There are several cobblestones, but there is ramp access and it’s an open space once inside. There are fewer cobblestones to navigate coming from Abbott vs Carrall. The washroom is not fully WC accessible, the doorway is about 27 inches wide.