Upcoming Events at 38 Blood Alley Anarchist Social Space


Tuesday February 17th

Open Hours 4pm-7pm

Film Screening: La Haine ( The Hate) *English Subtitles 7pm

With by donation snacks, popcorn and drinks!

After local youth Abdel is beaten unconscious by police, a riot ensues on his estate during which a policeman loses his gun. The gun is found by Vinz who threatens he will kill a cop if Abdel dies.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Wl4li8TFo

Saturday February 21st

Political Poetry Slam 7pm

Join us for our 2nd spoken word poetry about gender, sexuality, mental illness, race, class, etc.

It will be by donation sliding scale $5-10 bucks (no one turned away for lack of funds)

If you are interested in performing, message us at 38bloodalley@riseup.net, 38 Blood Alley Square or Thirtyeight Blood-Alley prior and include how many poems you would like to perform. There will also be a sign-up list at the event for an open mic after the set list if we finish early.

Sunday February 22nd

What is anarchism, can it work? Workshop/General Discussion 6pm

Anarchism is a political theory that advocates for the abolition of all systems of oppression and hierarchy (including the state, police and capitalism). It insists that organization of society should be in a voluntary and cooperative manner, instead of being based on competition and force.

Today, many believe that anarchism implies chaos and lawlessness. Others, who may agree with the main tenets of the theory, claim that it is impossible for humans to attain such a society.

However, there have been countless examples of anarchist societies dating back thousands of years. From the Mbuti tribes of central Africa to revolutionary Catalonia, human beings have continually shown that a better world is possible.

On February 22nd, we will have a workshop highlighting several historical instances of anarchism in practice, as well as the different “strains” of anarchism that have developed since its inception as a political and social movement. This will be followed by a general discussion on what anarchism means to us as individuals and anything else people may want to talk about.


The venue is situated on the south side of Blood Alley Square. There are several cobblestones, but there is ramp access and it’s an open space once inside. There are fewer cobblestones to navigate coming from Abbott vs Carrall. The washroom is not fully WC accessible, the doorway is about 27 inches wide.

Map: https://38bloodalley.wordpress.com/accessiblity/


Acoustic Show for Eric McDavids Post- Release Fund// FILTHY LIARS // MIDDLE OF NOWHERE // HAUG


$5-20 (No one turned away but keep in mind its a fundraiser show, so anything helps

Haug + more bands TBA and we will also screen subMedia.tv interview with Eric.

This show is a fundraiser and an act of solidarity with Eric McDavid. Eric McDavid is an anarchist and environmental activist who was entrapped by an FBI informant and charged with a single count of “conspiracy to use fire or explosives to damage corporate and government property”. In May of 2008 Eric was sentenced to an outrageous 19 years and 7 months in prison.

On January 8th, 2015, after serving 9 years in prison his judgment and sentencing were vacated when it became known that the FBI had failed to disclose potentially exculpatory evidence to the defense. Eric plead guilty to a lesser charge that carried a 5 year maximum sentence and was released almost immediately.

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