Upcoming Events for April

Enemies of Society (Reading Group)

April 5th at 7PM

Following the reading group on Novatore’s Towards the Creative Nothing we will read together one of Novatore’s inspirations- Henrick Ibsen. Ibsen’s play is called A Public Enemy with ten speaking characters. Each of us can take on a character, or split them as we see fit and we will read the play as the characters together. Reading time about two hours and we will start at 7 pm.

“As audiences by now expected, Ibsen’s next play again attacked entrenched beliefs and assumptions; but this time, his attack was not against society’s mores, but against overeager reformers and their idealism. Always an iconoclast, Ibsen was equally willing to tear down the ideologies of any part of the political spectrum, including his own”

Text can be found here http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2446/2446-h/2446-h.htm
or at the library.



Towards Unsettling Paths (Reading Group)

April 16th at 7PM

We will be discussing a text that was published in Wreck, that relates to the role of the ally, indigenatity and anarchist identity.

“The alienation we experience under capitalism keeps us all too confined for anarchists to not look at our relationships and actions as opportunities for expansion. It would be a bare minimum to provide whatever resources we can to those we have affinity with. Relegating ourselves to the role of supporter or “ally” will do no one any favors when expressing support to indigenous camps or responding to attacks by the state against those who are categorically oppressed. I am only “in the way” if I am disrespectful to those I move forward with, the same as if I am not moving forward myself. The state is already my enemy until death and beyond, when I reach out to those who it attempts to destroy, I am trying to strengthen all our struggles. For us to ever have a chance of unsettling ourselves we must be unrested and unruly, never without initiative.”

The text can be found in full here – https://wreckpublication.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/towards-unsettling-paths/ and here – http://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/llud-towards-unsettling-paths


Post-Left Reading Group

April 19th at 7PM

Every text we have read has brought up Nietzche. Now is when the post-left therapy group will discuss Nietzche. We will start with the first essay in the Genology of Morals. http://home.sandiego.edu/~janderso/360/genealogy1.htm

For more Nietzche fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6esRZLAR1Q


Wreck Launch Party

April 24th at 3pm

Join us for the launch of the third edition of Wreck, your favourite (read: the only) local anarchist publication! Sorry everybody but we had to postpone it the the following sunday, it’ll be an afternoon event this time.

In this issue, we have a couple articles that deal with the current context in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and accounts of struggle there. There is also an account of the struggle at Lax U’u’la (Lelu Island) where indigenous, anarchist and other forces are stopping the construction of a liquified natural gas plant. There is a review and analysis of the concepts and implication of a book written by a Yippie and anarchist from Vancouver and areas close by. There is a devastating critique of “safety” in the radical imagination. There is some coverage of events elsewhere on this continent that might be of interest to anarchists locally. And some other stuff.

We will have a talk about the new edition, give out new copies, and hang out.

A Conversation on Nihilism

April 25th at 7PM

Help us welcome Aragorn, author of “Nihilism, Anarchy & the 21st Century” and “Anarchy & Nihilism: Consequences,” for a workshop and conversation on the topic of anarchist nihilism.

There is a version of anarchism that defines it as the most hopeful of perspectives. It is a political summation of a fierce faith in the capacity of humans to be free. Nihilism, on the other hand, is often described as an expression of hopelessness, political and existential. Anarchist nihilism attempts to exceed both positions by moving past the falseness in the hope/not hope binary and asking questions that range from the deeply personal (identity) to the most /realpolitik/. Rather than a strict political, metaphysical, or individuated perspectve the anarchist nihilism we will discuss will be one of practice. How does one “do” an extreme critical position?


Saturday Folk Show

April 30th at 7PM

Pages from The Oak Tree – Victoria/Pender Island

Something between Louisiana Blues and Eastern European old time. These three folks blend six instruments into a macabre sing-a-long and pour it over a waltzing old-time mosh pit…. or something

Drawin Wolf – Pender Island

A multidisciplinary artist and musician currently creating in Dawson City, YT

Stick and Poke – Vancouver

Stick and Poke is a witchy west coast folk punk band consisting of Lauren Boyko and Alison Soldink. Both musicians are singer songwriters and acoustic instrumentalists. Constantly learning and creating magically melancholy harmonies for all those who wish to listen.

Stations – Vancouver



Accessibility Info: The venue is situated on the south side of Blood Alley Square. There are several cobblestones, but there is ramp access and it’s an open space once inside. There are fewer cobblestones to navigate coming from Abbott as opposed to Carrall. The washroom is not fully WC accessible, the doorway is about 27 inches wide.

This event is taking place on occupied and unceded Coast Salish Territories.



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