38 Blood Alley First Week of Events


Open Hours 4pm-7pm

Tuesday Film Nights: 69 Ungdomshuset Screening

7:00pm Tuesday February 3 2015

Feb 3rd Film 69 Ungdomshuset (English Subtitles)

“69” is a documentary about a large group of young people who did not see themselves, culturally or politically, as part of established society. In 1982 they lawfully occupied what was known as the Youth House (Ungdomshuset) at Jagtvej 69, on the outskirts of Copenhagen’s inner city. The film portrays the group’s situation in 2007, documenting the stormy last six months of the Youth House’s history, where the radicalized group rage against the establishment. By following the inner circle of activists, we learn more about the group, the reasons for their actions, and the cause of their predicament.

Acoustic Show/Fundraiser for 38 Blood Alley!

7:00pm Saturday February 7 2015

Stick & Poke

Jesse LeBourdais

Crappie Cacti

Hey folx! We are going to be having another acoustic/folk/folk-punk show in order to raise funds for our space.

Cover is $5-20 donation, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

Bands/artists are to be announced. If you are interested in playing a short set, message us and we will try to accommodate you.

Our free store will also be up and running and there will be lots of cool stuff to check out and possibly take home if you need it. We will also be distributing the new CrimethInc. zine “To Change Everything: An Anarchist Appeal.”

Skill Sharing: Wheat Pasting Workshop

3:00pm Sunday February 8 2015

The city is taken up by ads and owned by capitalists so we counter it with our own propaganda. Join us for a workshop on how to make wheat paste, with tips and tricks on how to put posters up and keep them up. Also present other methods used in the city and open it up for others to share their tips and secrets.

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