April Schedule is Here!

ape schedge


SUNDAY 6th, 3pm – ANARCHIST SOLIDARITY – What is an anarchist, how do they think of solidarity as it pertains to the anti-pipeline struggle? A discussion of anarchist solidarity that touches on the history of anarchism, as well as notions of mutual aid, and autonomy. Part of Rising Tide’s weekend of anti-pipeline trainings (nopipelinestraining.wordpress.com)

WEDNESDAY 16th, 7pm – SASSERCIZE – Sass!-ercize is one part spandex-clad jane fonda workout tape you found in your parents basement and one part giant fuck you to the fitness mega complex.

SATURDAY 19th, 7pm – DINNER (with gluten, soy and dairy free options) – 8pm – CRIMETHINC BEYOND SELF CARE: THE SUVERSIVE POTENTIAL OF CARE – What is self-care? How has this discourse been colonized by values of capitalism? We will discuss the political dimensions of care, illuminating how it can serve oppressive or revolutionary purposes, exploring the links between health and resistance, and asking what forms of care could subvert the systems of domination

WEDNESDAY 23rd, 7pm – PRISONER LETTER WRITING NIGHT- A night of letter writing for the many comrades across Turtle Island and around the earth, who are in prison for the struggle against capitalism. There will be tips and tricks for making sure your letters get in, and a list of comrades addresses to write to. Papers, Pens, and envelopes will be provided.

THURSDAY 24th, 7pm – WHAT IS ANARCHISM TO YOU? – Come share your stories or experiences with anarchism. How does it apply to your life and how do we create anarchy in an oppressive society? What does an anarchist world look like to you?

MONDAY 28th, 7pm – AGAINST THE COUPLE FORM: CRITICAL READING DISCUSSION – How do our relationships reflect the patriarchal capitalist world we live in? Clemence X Clementine argues that “We must crush the illusion that romance is or will be an avenue for liberation”. Why, and what does this mean? We invite folks of all genders and relationship styles to join. Please read text before attending. Available free online
Regular times

TUESDAYS 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, 3-7pm – OPEN HOURS – Come check out our anarchist space, our zines and books. Enjoy free snacks and drinks.

FRIDAYS 11th, 18th, 25th, 3-6pm – PAY WHAT YOU CAN COFFEE SHOP – A people run/ not for profit, free/pwyc/ coffee “shop”, with no workers, bosses, or customers. We will serve ourselves, make coffee for our friends and invite each other to do the same on the premises of mutual aid and good times.

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